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2:11 am on Sep 28th, 2015 EDT - updated by yoterr
1985 Toyota 4Runner Build on YotaTech.com (more Toyota 4Runner builds)
Been down for a few weeks trying to track down a stock axleshaft for the time being...but I was able...Click for yoterr's full post
10:59 am on Sep 14th, 2015 EDT - updated by UTChavok
1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ Build on MallCrawlin.com (more Jeep Grand Cherokee builds)
I really just wanted to be like all the cool kids Itll get tons and some balls under the hood one da...Click for UTChavok's full post
10:50 pm on Sep 11th, 2015 EDT - updated by LiebeYotas4X4
2001 Toyota 4Runner SR5 Build on YotaTech.com (more Toyota 4Runner builds)
So its been a little while since I've posted here, mainly because I've been busy at college in Flori...Click for LiebeYotas4X4's full post
12:35 am on Sep 2nd, 2015 EDT - updated by weekend 4 wheelers
1994 Jeep Wrangler ZJ Build on Texas4x4.org (more Jeep Wrangler builds)
Got my front axle and some rollers...Click for weekend 4 wheelers's full post
1:53 pm on Aug 31st, 2015 EDT - updated by bchinn74CJ
Jeep CJ Build on WranglerForum.com (more Jeep CJ builds)
On the road. Now just to finish some odds and ends...Click for bchinn74CJ's full post
11:24 pm on Aug 29th, 2015 EDT - updated by B-HMMWV
2007 Hummer H3 B-HMMWV Build on HummerXClub.com (more Hummer H3 builds)
Oh no. I'm not done with HUMMERs. Here's my new rig. A 2003 H2 Lux. Top of the line. Complete with u...Click for B-HMMWV's full post
9:44 am on Aug 21st, 2015 EDT - updated by Z's Confederate Toy
1980 Toyota Truck SR5 Build on YotaTech.com (more Toyota Truck builds)
So brown santa brought me a gift yesterday! I haven't seen it in person yet, but I'm stoked. Time to...Click for Z's Confederate Toy's full post
11:34 am on Aug 8th, 2015 EDT - updated by SilverDollar
1994 Other Honda SAS Build on ClubFrontier.org (more Other builds)
And the exhaust upgrade of course has to be done! Removed everything behind the Y-pipe, cats (two) a...Click for SilverDollar's full post
9:34 pm on Aug 6th, 2015 EDT - updated by Dakota_T438
1989 Dodge Dakota 360 Build on Dakota-Durango.com (more Dodge Dakota builds)
...Click for Dakota_T438's full post
7:52 pm on Aug 5th, 2015 EDT - updated by MNguy
1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee 1 Tons Build on MallCrawlin.com (more Jeep Grand Cherokee builds)
Decided to use the 99-04 Superduty Dana 60 instead of the 05-07. I've got a number of extra unit bea...Click for MNguy's full post
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