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4:17 pm on Mar 30th, 2015 EDT - updated by cartercoulombe
1985 Toyota Truck EFI Build on YotaTech.com (more Toyota Truck builds)
Thanks guys! I love it so much! Yesterday I fixed the speedometer All chewed up! It works! And with...Click for cartercoulombe's full post
9:58 pm on Mar 15th, 2015 EDT - updated by brent460
Jeep Cherokee Project Boba Fett Build on Texas4x4.org (more Jeep Cherokee builds)
Its been a while since Ive been able to do anything of substance. Saturday I was able to put the new...Click for brent460's full post
6:11 pm on Mar 11th, 2015 EDT - updated by 84_yota_4wd
Toyota Truck Julia Lives Build on YotaTech.com (more Toyota Truck builds)
Got the front axle built as well 529,s yukon zip locker, high pinion, chromo shafts and birfs, 25mm...Click for 84_yota_4wd's full post
3:42 pm on Mar 11th, 2015 EDT - updated by Bushmen
1965 Jeep CJ Build on WranglerForum.com (more Jeep CJ builds)
Pretty new to the CJ crowd. Looking into getting a cj5 project. Just wondering what I should look ou...Click for Bushmen's full post
12:23 pm on Mar 6th, 2015 EDT - updated by Chinookin
1981 Toyota Truck Chinook Build on YotaTech.com (more Toyota Truck builds)
...Click for Chinookin's full post
12:37 am on Dec 21st, 2014 EDT - updated by pitpatt
1999 Toyota 4Runner Limited Build on YotaTech.com (more Toyota 4Runner builds)
So boredom ensued, and today I got my rock lights installed. I got them from a place called www.unde...Click for pitpatt's full post
3:37 pm on Dec 20th, 2014 EDT - updated by Gromjs
1985 Toyota Truck Build on YotaTech.com (more Toyota Truck builds)
Update she still wants a bigger tire...Click for Gromjs's full post
8:40 pm on Nov 30th, 2014 EDT - updated by gabriul
2001 Toyota Tacoma Build on YotaTech.com (more Toyota Tacoma builds)
well, after a 9 month crawl of not really doing much worth posting about... I give you...Click for gabriul's full post
12:47 am on Nov 9th, 2014 EDT - updated by PinkFloydEffect
1988 Dodge Dakota 70K Build on Dakota-Durango.com (more Dodge Dakota builds)
The hot line exits on the top right and travels with the factory harness almost unseen exiting by th...Click for PinkFloydEffect's full post
9:23 am on Sep 17th, 2014 EDT - updated by 88Cleve4runner
1997 Toyota 4Runner Build on YotaTech.com (more Toyota 4Runner builds)
Installed my lift on Labor Day. Just in time for SETO..... wait. Before: After: Hub to Fender Rear:...Click for 88Cleve4runner's full post
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