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12:43 pm on Mar 19th, 2017 EDT - updated by Tacedaddy
Jeep CJ Golden Eagle Build on Pirate4x4.com (more Jeep CJ builds)
Length is gonna be the thing. With my highsteer arms the WJ arm is already a little short but at ful...Click for Tacedaddy's full post
11:55 am on Mar 19th, 2017 EDT - updated by goldenburb
Chevrolet C/K Workaholic Build on 67-72ChevyTrucks.com (more Chevrolet C/K builds)
''What are your plans for the truck? '' To work the hell out of it. Still looking for a cummins dies...Click for goldenburb's full post
11:28 am on Mar 19th, 2017 EDT - updated by cbmontgo
1977 Toyota Land Cruiser Project Pikachu Build on IH8Mud.com (more Toyota Land Cruiser builds)
Now I'm going to dig into the electrical system. I have one brake light and the hazards will blink o...Click for cbmontgo's full post
11:24 am on Mar 19th, 2017 EDT - updated by d0zer
2017 Toyota Tundra Platinum Crewmax Build on TundraTalk.net (more Toyota Tundra builds)
Had a couple free hours yesterday so I worked on a couple modes. Sway Bar & Chrome Delete. Those fro...Click for d0zer's full post
11:20 am on Mar 19th, 2017 EDT - updated by RAD4Runner
1984 Toyota 4Runner DLX Build on YotaTech.com (more Toyota 4Runner builds)
Sorry must have been scary... but why are i working on electrical with your battery connected, unles...Click for RAD4Runner's full post
11:00 am on Mar 19th, 2017 EDT - updated by shizzy
2011 Nissan Truck Build on ClubFrontier.org (more Nissan Truck builds)
Got some work done on the top hats yesterday. I didn't feel like trying to reuse my coil spring isol...Click for shizzy's full post
10:29 am on Mar 19th, 2017 EDT - updated by Wirework
1969 Jeep CJ Juan Tub Kit Build on EarlyCJ5.com (more Jeep CJ builds)
The third Omix-Ada fuel gage arrived yesterday... strike three... it is worse than the previous two....Click for Wirework's full post
9:51 am on Mar 19th, 2017 EDT - updated by ben-jeep
Jeep CJ CJ5 Electric Build on JeepForum.com (more Jeep CJ builds)
The coupling parts are installed. I fix the transmission and I will be ready to do the first real te...Click for ben-jeep's full post
8:22 am on Mar 19th, 2017 EDT - updated by Kossak
1946 Jeep CJ Weed Sprayer Build on TheCJ2APage.com (more Jeep CJ builds)
Last week I gave it a front end alignment using a yardstick and ruler. I think it will suffice for n...Click for Kossak's full post
7:29 am on Mar 19th, 2017 EDT - updated by BlakeWilliams
1997 Jeep Wrangler Low n Slow Watch it Grow Build on WranglerForum.com (more Jeep Wrangler builds)
We had a great time at the park. There was a crawling competition going on so we got to watch some b...Click for BlakeWilliams's full post
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