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12:20 am on Jul 14th, 2018 EDT - updated by toximus
Jeep Wrangler LJ Build on JeepForum.com (more Jeep Wrangler builds)
Looking ahead slightly, I planned out my brake lines for the front and rear (more details once I get...Click for toximus's full post
11:06 pm on Jul 13th, 2018 EDT - updated by Blownchevelle68
1995 Toyota Truck Low Buck Build on YotaTech.com (more Toyota Truck builds)
Finished both vent windows and main window installs today. All went pretty smooth and I greased the...Click for Blownchevelle68's full post
9:58 pm on Jul 13th, 2018 EDT - updated by garage gnome
1956 Jeep CJ CJ5 Build on EarlyCJ5.com (more Jeep CJ builds)
Did the duct tape seat covers on the jeep. Next is the burlap sack! And just to show how original I'...Click for garage gnome's full post
9:51 pm on Jul 13th, 2018 EDT - updated by skipped_Link
Other Monster Buggy Build on Pirate4x4.com (more Other builds)
I'm sure Foss knocked that tree loose, I didn't even know I hit it til it bounced off my front tire...Click for skipped_Link's full post
8:55 pm on Jul 13th, 2018 EDT - updated by fire6945
Jeep Cherokee Never Built XJ Build on Pirate4x4.com (more Jeep Cherokee builds)
Got a chance to clean it up. Was told these bodies are called Bucks. Haven't found anything on that...Click for fire6945's full post
5:17 pm on Jul 13th, 2018 EDT - updated by cdhb_94yj
1994 Jeep Wrangler YJ DD Build on WranglerForum.com (more Jeep Wrangler builds)
The good: Attached are photos of the 40mm Ammo can for those interested. Turns out the offcut from t...Click for cdhb_94yj's full post
12:35 pm on Jul 13th, 2018 EDT - updated by winchested
1979 International Harvester Scout SSII Build on BinderPlanet.com (more International Harvester Scout builds)
Rough plasma cut job of the pass side front spring perch. Will fine tune with a die grinder if neede...Click for winchested's full post
10:55 am on Jul 13th, 2018 EDT - updated by NHouston
Toyota Land Cruiser The Texas Land Crusher Build on IH8Mud.com (more Toyota Land Cruiser builds)
Fan clutch was replaced at 155k, tensioner and serp belt at 193k. All done at Toyota dealer. Looks l...Click for NHouston's full post
10:17 am on Jul 13th, 2018 EDT - updated by nick89toy
2005 Chevrolet Silverado LSA Build on Pirate4x4.com (more Chevrolet Silverado builds)
I started working on the rear axle right after the front was together. I cut down the AAM 11.5 spind...Click for nick89toy's full post
10:06 am on Jul 13th, 2018 EDT - updated by Animal89
1989 Nissan Patrol Y60 Build on Patrol4x4.com (more Nissan Patrol builds)
Second day of fighting... Worst part from left side is ready... Now right side. I thought that there...Click for Animal89's full post
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