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3:19 pm on Dec 17th, 2016 EDT - updated by yjmcb
1987 Jeep Wrangler YJ with Scrambler Top Build on CJ-8.com (more Jeep Wrangler builds)
Yes I have dual fuel set up, here where I live propane is cheap,85 cents a gallon last week for auto...Click for yjmcb's full post
3:00 am on Dec 17th, 2016 EDT - updated by ford boy
Ford Ranger Spare Parts Build on Reno4x4.com (more Ford Ranger builds)
Between holidays, hunting and it getting cold haven't got much done. Did drop off my windshield a fe...Click for ford boy's full post
9:32 am on Dec 16th, 2016 EDT - updated by ChrisPBacon
Jeep Wrangler Project Honey Badger Build on WranglerForum.com (more Jeep Wrangler builds)
Nothing big, but Honey Badger is on to the finishing touches! Got new 4.56 gears front & rear, a rea...Click for ChrisPBacon's full post
10:43 am on Dec 12th, 2016 EDT - updated by 72blazer
1972 Chevrolet K5 Blazer Web Wheeler's Build on Texas4x4.org (more Chevrolet K5 Blazer builds)
Turkey Run 2016 at Wolf Caves Hell of a trip...can't wait to go back after fixing some crap and upgr...Click for 72blazer's full post
10:34 am on Dec 11th, 2016 EDT - updated by ColbyP
1990 Toyota Truck Build on YotaTech.com (more Toyota Truck builds)
They match Fall adventures First snow...Click for ColbyP's full post
1:00 am on Dec 10th, 2016 EDT - updated by The StRanger
1989 Ford Ranger Wicked Wayz Build on FrontRange4x4.com (more Ford Ranger builds)
Had a chance to do some welding on the cab bracing. Kinda fun to let the little one play with sparki...Click for The StRanger's full post
10:52 pm on Dec 9th, 2016 EDT - updated by gerth92
1986 Toyota Truck Xtracab SR5 Build on YotaTech.com (more Toyota Truck builds)
I got new tires for my truck this week.I got pathfinder a/t 33x12.5r15. They seem to have a good dee...Click for gerth92's full post
7:23 am on Dec 9th, 2016 EDT - updated by Pj_stock
1998 GMC C/K K1500 Build on GMT400.com (more GMC C/K builds)
We scanned the codes, and there were a couple errors in. Catalytic system, EGR system, and an O2 sen...Click for Pj_stock's full post
3:00 am on Dec 9th, 2016 EDT - updated by ChiliDawgNV
2014 Jeep Wrangler JK Sport Build on Reno4x4.com (more Jeep Wrangler builds)
Hahaha yup, that was me. I gotta get used to this small town stuff. Washed it down because I was put...Click for ChiliDawgNV's full post
5:41 pm on Dec 7th, 2016 EDT - updated by geckoadventure
Other Volvo 2 Build on Pirate4x4.com (more Other builds)
3 December 2016 Had a few hours after the Kids CSR day at work so off to the Volvo with the repaired...Click for geckoadventure's full post
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